Aaron 225 shoulder press for reps

Posted by Jack Reynolds 8/19/15

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290kg (639lbs) Raw squat attempt

Posted by Jack Reynolds 8/8/15

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Side Lunges

Posted by Jack Reynolds 7/31/15

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How I survived Not Drinking 40 Days

Posted by David Nolan 7/30/15

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Leg Press - Machine

Posted by Jack Reynolds 7/11/15

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Performing Standing Curls

Posted by Max Payne 7/2/15

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CrossFit Overhead Squat Gets You In Shape

Posted by Max Payne 6/20/15

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Lactose Intolerant

Posted by George Wood 6/10/15

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30 days without sugar

Posted by Kent K. Caskey 5/6/15

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Organic VS Conventional Fruit-can you tell the difference?

Posted by Kent K. Caskey 5/6/15

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Do Carrots Really Help your Eyesight?

Posted by Kent K. Caskey 5/6/15

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Diet myths debunked

Posted by Robert J. Stevenson 3/25/15

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Aspartame: The deadly sugar alternative

Posted by Lisa Simms 4/23/15

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Improve sperm count with garlic

Posted by Michael B. Grady 3/19/15

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Healthy Living Campaign

Posted by Rose M. Midgett 3/18/15

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Cattle Disease

Posted by Mary Richardson 4/15/15

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Changing your heart

Posted by Guy Scott 3/28/15

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Healthy Life

Posted by Lillian Stewart 3/27/15

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16 Ideas For You To Advance Your Health

Posted by Kyle Lehman 3/4/15

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Fun Way To Stay Active: Survivor Race

Posted by Jason Hart

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Natural Food Vs. Organic Food

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Pineapple benefits

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Tart Cherry Benefits

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Carrot Benefits

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  • What is the Environmental Working Group’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce?

    The EWG Guide to Pesticides in produce is an exhaustive study that ranks pesticide contamination in fruits and vegetables. It is created with the purpose of informing the public of the amount of pesticides being used in the production of vegetables and fruits they consume. The samples to be tested…

  • Planting greenery in the Arctic may stop global warming

    With global warming looming, scientists around the world are searching for solutions. A new solution has been suggested for the Arctic, a mass planting of specific plants. Huge amounts of carbon and nitrogen are stored in the permafrost in the Arctic. New studies reveal that potential for plant…

  • Benefits of Long-Aged Miso

    Miso is a traditional food of Japan made from soybeans, rice, and sea salt. Many miso pastes are made from these ingredients and mixed in various ratios and then fermented. The daily intake of miso should not exceed two tablespoons per person. White Miso Paste: Prepared with using larger amount of…

  • Asheville's annual Organicfest – August 28

    More people are turning to choosing to buy organic foods for their families. More companies are recognizing the demand by the public. Organicfest was organized to inform people about the health benefits and to give information about organic foods. Sunday, August 28, 2016, Asheville, North Carolina,…

  • What makes food

    Everyone seems to want to get on the bandwagon and go ‘organic’. You hear it from your friends, neighours and family members. What’s so great about organic food anyway? What makes any food organic? Well, in truth, it is true that organic food is good for you. There are many…

  • What issues surround steroids in cattle feed

    The steroids given to cattle essentially help them grow fatter and faster. The steers are fed estrogen laced hormones to increase growth faster. More complex hormones of progestin and estrogen are given to the cows for similar reasons. The practice of giving steroids to the cattle started in the…

  • Organic lifestyle can save the planet

    You already know that organic food is much better than conventionally grown food. This means that you should go completely organic. Also, if you support organic farmers you will support your local economy. Simply said, your local economy will be in much better shape. Because you will buy food that…

  • Why is organic food priced higher than non-organic?

    Organic food has swept the nation, and retained a firm foothold across the United States. This is no wonder in the face of an increasing risk of obesity and overall health concerns stemming from poor eating habits. The barrier most face when looking to make the switch from non-organic to organic…

  • An organic approach to care for your lawn

    With all the attention being giving to organic living and protecting the environment, people are also exploring ways of caring for lawns and gardens in an organic way. Chemical fertilizers, weed control and pest control sprays are being ignored and replaced with a number of organic compounds, which…

  • How can you be sure the meat you buy is organic?

    We are not sure if you are what you eat, but we are sure that your diet matters a great deal in the quality of your life. Depending on what you eat, you can have a lot of energy or not enough; you can live healthy every day or you can deal with a number of issues. That is why it is vital for you to…

  • Two Companies that Make Organic Makeup

    Organic food is all the rage these days, and for good reason. We want to put quality food into our body that is free of unnatural chemicals and preservatives. It makes sense, and it’s a healthier way to live. Similarly, women are also looking to use makeup with organic ingredients so they can…

  • What is the difference between organic and natural foods?

    Nutrition is on the minds of most people and organic and natural foods are more popular than ever. Many seem to think that these two are the same thing. Is there a difference between natural and organic food? Of course! Organic is not necessarily natural. Organic food in the USA means that the food…

  • What you should know about Organic Cotton

    Organic cotton is also known as just cotton. It is grown in the United States, China and Turkey. All plants that produce the organic cotton are not genetically modified. Also, in order to grow an organic product, farmers cannot use pesticides and herbicides. In the United States, plantations that…

  • Want to Live Organic Life? Start With Home Interiors

    Organic Living is gaining popularity in Today’s world. People are moving towards it .Its high time when everyone should start thinking of switching from conventional techniques to organic ones. If you really haven’t started yet ,then must go for starting from your home interiors .Because…

  • Kenyan study shows link between chronic pain and glutamate in food.

    A small pilot research at carried out in Meru, eastern Kenya, shows a link between chronic pain and the consumption of glutamate. Glutamate is a common flavor enhancer used in many diets worldwide. The study demonstrated that study participants who cut down their consumption of glutamate experienced…

  • 5 Exercises for Busy Moms from www.goredforwomen.org

    The daily routine of a busy mom can be very overwhelming. There are so many things to do in the house, from getting the kids ready for school, preparing meals, going for groceries, doing laundry, among other duties. There is little to no time at all to be allocated for fitness training. Such tight…

  • Sugary Drinks are Responsible for 184.000 Deaths Each Year

    Over the past 30 years, sugary drink consumption, in the United States, has been seriously increased. 50% of the population, drinks these beverages every day. Researchers already linked these drinks with higher risk of diabetes, obesity, cancer and cardiovascular disease. But, a new study found that…

  • Blood Chemical Has Predicted Decline In Brain

    Scientists have found a chemical in the blood of human beings that indicates that the function of brains has declined. In the earliest signs of Alzheimer, about 1,129 proteins were found circulating in the blood of about 200 twins. This report was compared with the cognitive function test in…

  • Smoking Increases Risk of Lung Cancer

    Smoking is responsible for damaging most of the organs of human body. It affects Lungs, Cardiovascular system, skin, Gastric System, Kidney, reproductive system, etc. But one organ that is affected most is Lungs, because this organ is in direct contact with smoke .Lungs are very essential for…

  • Acute lymphoblastic leukemia

    ALL or acute lymphoblastic leukemia, is a type of blood cancer. It is also known as the acute lymphoid leukemia or acute lymphocytic leukemia. In adults, this is the least most common type of leukemia. This disease starts in the bone marrow (inner part of bones) and it starts with white blood cells.…

  • How To Live A Long And Healthy Life

    Living a long and quality life requires us to take care of ourselves and a great way of keeping ourselves in the best possible shape is through healthy living and exercise. Doing this can not only ensure our physical health but can also increase our energy and stamina regardless of our age. There is…

  • Eight Helpful Hints From Angelfire.com

    By the year 2016, basically every business or entrepreneur has a website. But how do you get one? Who builds them and keeps them running? Most of us can operate a computer, but for the tricky stuff, we hire someone who knows the biz. This is where Angelfire.com comes in. According to Wikipedia,…

  • Five helpful tips to follow when appearing for an interview

    Any person who wants to secure a good job in any organization at any level has to prepare him or herself for a good interview. Below are some of the helpful tips. Research the company After receiving an interview call, research the company. Gather more details about products, services, competitors,…

  • Getting ready to be grandparents

    For many seniors, becoming a grandparent is a fantastic reward. It brings back nostalgia of raising your own children, and allows you to bond with another generation of your family. Grandchildren can also keep you active and involved, as they require a lot of attention but return it tenfold in terms…

  • Symptoms of an Imminent Silent Heart Attack

    The phrase “serious as a heart attack” carries strong weight for a reason: it’s one of the most terrifying medical emergencies someone can encounter. We’re all aware that if it’s not addressed immediately or prevented, the results can be fatal. For this reason,…

  • Crisis line information

    If you are struggling with some problems at a certain point in your life, you may not know where to get help and advice. You may want help, but it is frustrating when you don’t know what to do and how to do it. A simple conversation may make all the difference to your well-being. The…

  • How to learn everything about computers?

    Computers are our future and it is a real “handicap” if you have no knowledge about them. A lot of companies hire people with at least some basic knowledge about computers, but if you know even more you are in great advantage. We know that not everyone was born to be “a computer…

  • How to Locate a best hospital in US?

    Her condition just doesn’t improve, exclaimed a mother seemingly sad over the health of her child. Does similar concern takes all the peace in your head away? Worried as to how would you tackle the rise of complicated diseases taking humans in its shackles? Well , you are not the only one In…

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  • Many people nowadays suffer from thyroid, which has become a lifestyle disease. If you are suffering from hypothyroidism, then try these healthy living tips: • While vegetables are considered good for health, you should avoid certain veggies such as cabbage, turnips as they can block the…

  • Follow these simple healthy eating tips for healthy living and see the difference in your lifestyle. • Less is more – Whenever you eat, eat in moderation. With this, you can have around 5 meals every day, including your 3 major meals. Even then, you should know how much food is sufficient…

  • Anybody can stay healthy and happy as long as they pay attention to themselves. Try out these tips if you want to get out of your frenzied schedule and live life to the fullest. • Forget that you are a grown up! Sometimes, it is good to feel like a kid by doing activities that remind you of…

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  • Natural Mosquito Repellants

    Natural Mosquito Repellants

    Scientists are discovering more and more diseases transmitted by mosquitoes. The mosquito spreads dangerous diseases like malaria which kills over two million people and infects over two hundred million every year. Our only option is to prevent mosquito bites by draining stagnant pools of water, use…

  • Tianna Brodeur awarded $5.2 million for VBAC birth

    Tianna Brodeur awarded $5.2 million for VBAC birth

    A B.C Judge has ruled in favor of Tianna Brodeur awarding her $5.2 million since her cerebral palsy has been attributed to malpractice from nurses and doctor during her birth. The 16-year-old teenager, according to the B.C. Supreme Court judgment, suffered brain damage due to the asphyxia when the…