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  • Natural Mosquito Repellants

    Natural Mosquito Repellants

    Scientists are discovering more and more diseases transmitted by mosquitoes. The mosquito spreads dangerous diseases like malaria which kills over two million people and infects over two hundred million every year. Our only option is to prevent mosquito bites by draining stagnant pools of water, use…

  • Tianna Brodeur awarded $5.2 million for VBAC birth

    Tianna Brodeur awarded $5.2 million for VBAC birth

    A B.C Judge has ruled in favor of Tianna Brodeur awarding her $5.2 million since her cerebral palsy has been attributed to malpractice from nurses and doctor during her birth. The 16-year-old teenager, according to the B.C. Supreme Court judgment, suffered brain damage due to the asphyxia when the…